The CIMI Executive Program reflects the needs on managers and executives to refine their conceptual and analytical skills, to stay abreast of new developments in the world and in significant industries, and to maximize cross-functional contributions to strategic priorities. It enhances a manager’s ability to work in cross-culture teams and to operate successfully in complex and volatile global environments.

The Concept Fostering Executive Versatility

Training utilizes California Community and Technical College as well as California State University faculty, staff, and outside consultant providing the needed services.

CIMI provides generic training specialization in hands-on training whenever possible. Additionally, CIMI provides industry and company specific training including on-site or in-house training.

CIMI Divisions & Customized Training

The California Institute for Management and Innovations provides technical assistance in exporting to both novice and veterans in International Trade. CIMI services include:

CIMI on International Trade




“Where is the knowledge that is lost in information?

Where is the Wisdom that is lost in knowledge?”

Powerful Forces are shaping new competitive realities the world over. Organizations everywhere are confronted with the rapidly changing complexities of global competition, yet few will perceive the simple truths that will allow them to capture opportunities inherent in these new realities. Today, successful executives must formulate and implement strategy in a context of continuous and often unexpected economic, political, social and technological change.

At CIMI, you will prepare for success in the global market by focusing on:

• Discerning the forces driving new business realities
• Inverting competitive advantage by reshaping the future
• Identifying existing sources of sustainable competitive advantage
• Crafting strategies that promote corporate resources and capabilities
• Orchestrating and developing key corporate resources and capabilities
• Maximizing corporate versatility and opportunity

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What past attendees say about the CIMI Training Program


“This was the best of three training l’ve attended.”

“Terrific take home value for my practice.”

“It was a great experience for a new biz like me.”

“Great Presentation, Great Value, A Must for Consultants.”

“The Munir Khan workshop was great! I kept hoping it wouldn’t end.”

“Worth every minute I was away from my office. This conference is essential in setting goals for the future.”