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Meditation Tips : Download 40MedTip.zip (22KB)
Open in Word 97 English Language

Buddhist Discussion : Download my Dhamma discussion collection
Open in Word 95/97
English Language

Spiraling Meditation : Download Meditate.zip (105KB)
Open in Word 95/97
Thai Language

Excel Expert Training : Download Brochure.zip (35KB)
Open in Excel 95/97
Thai Language

4Zr Add-Ins and Expert Formula


Install Excel Expert Training Utility Menu

BahtEng.zip Change your number to Baht and Satang XL97/2000
DayCalc.zip Calculate years, months, and days between a period XL97/2000
NetYMD.zip Calculate years, months, and days between a period XL97/2000
YourTax.zip Calculate Thai Personal Tax XL97/2000
XpertY2K.zip Correct Y2K problems from Thai B.E. vs Western A.D. XL97/2000

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Note on 4Zr Add-Ins

Use Excel menu Tools > Add-Ins then click Browse to install add-in(.xla).
Do not use Excel menu File > Open to open add-in file.

: Pease help other people for free.
Open in Excel 97 Thai Language

Latest upgrade for printing capability and new picture of lifeflow (I had tried  building this lifeflow picture for 10 years) - 16 September 1999 -

  • 4ZSuriya.zip (300KB) for Basic Thai Astrology Calculation (required)
  • Classic.zip (100KB) for Classical Chakrasi and Navang Chakra
  • Star-Map.zip (250KB) for natal star picture
  • DowAngle.zip (450KB) for natal and progress star picture
  • YourLuck.zip (187KB) (Excel 95 Thai Only) for easy fortune teller


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