Pictures (fun!!!!)
kieran looking like a twat as per usual
turny!!!!! with food in his mouth (omg)
he looks like he's having a spas. mack!
its T having fun with a toy
KT, hmm looking a bit weird
a star is born, the new jimmy white
look he's handcuffed to the chair! twat
is this how your suposed to play pool?
who's a hungry boy then?
the concentraition on his face!
an ass, duno who's tho
mr morrison plays again
its another ass, sallys to be precise
hendry bending over hmmm, nice
he looks like a dog pissing on the table
look at him on the ground he's about to get it
told you
metal in his body, he look funny
its kt, hmmmm ass lol!
and again hmm nice
one more time (ok so i am obsesed)
and now its her face
looks like i was too close, oopsie
em and free get started
she left coz they were too loud
then i come back and he is putting his torusers on