The Naked Whitson Challange
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What, you thought you were going to see naked people just like that? nothing from you? no payment of any kind?
there are people waiting in the password protected area to be seen by you, naked people (well they have no clothes).
Colin how can i see these naked people i here you cry.
well its simple really, there are 2 possible ways.
see left for ways.
1. you can send a picture of yourself TOATALLY naked, coverd tastfully in the more private areas if you wish, with somthing funny. to the staff at 100bc. ---------> HERE <---------

2. you can bribe any of the members of the trusted circle, with booze, money or sexual favours, i would be the best one to do this to as im the only one who can actualy grant you access.
when you do either of these a user name and password will be made up for you, this will then be used to track your useage and see if you give out the password to others, we will find out and then black mail you!
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