1.Theme from Spider-man
2.Chad Kroeger (featuring Josey Scott) --Hero
3.Sum41 --What we're all about
4.Black Lab --Learn to crawl
5.Bleu --Somebody else
6.Alien Ant Farm --Bug Bytes
7.Default --Blind
8.Corey Taylor --Bother
9.Greenwheel --Shelter
10.The Strokes --When it started
11.The Hives --Hate to say I told you so
12.Theory of a dead man --Invisible Man
13.Pete Yorn --Undercover
14.Macy Gray --My Nutmeg Phantasy (morello mix)
15.Injected --i-iv-v
16.Jerry Cantrell --She was my girl
17.Danny Elfman --main titles
18.Danny Elfman --farewell
19.Aerosmith --Theme from Spider-man