Tobey News
July 7 2002
Movie news
Tobey Maguire has signed a contract to star in two more Spider-man movies.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (who are good friends) have held court at Miami's Crobar over the fourth of july weekend in the hot spot's V.I.P section.Along with Missy Elliot, hip hop producer Timbaland and Drena de nero.
June 28 2002
Leo DiCaprio and Tobey have been tempted by the stage and both want to act in a West end musical.
In the second Spidey movie Peter Parker could have a new love interest.
The next villians will be Dr octopuss and the Lizard.
When spider-man was being made, the only person who believed Tobey Maguire could play Peter Parker was the Director, everyone else thought he was too skinny and not good enough. How wrong they were.
July 16
Tobey Maguire has just bought a $7 million house in Hollywood. He will now share a street with his friend Leo DiCaprio, the couple, Brad and Jennifer and Britney Spears.
March 2002
Tobey and Leo have recorded themselves singing beatles songs. The made 6 C.D.s for themselves to listen to. Hay Tobes could I get one of those?