This is the Artwork section of the site, where images of me and my foxy are. All images are clean except for the odd nipple here and there. Nothing graphic or sexual though. :) All Images open in new window!

Toilet-Morphs. This is one of the few pics I have been very proud of. It is myself and Foxy as toilet-things in a mushroom patch at midnight, being happy.

Bullet Proof. I was inspired by a RadioHead song I rather like that described my feelings rather well in this pic. Also Foxy puts up with alot from me... so this was something I had to do for him.
Fairly Odd Fluffies This is a parady of Fairly Odd Parents. Me, Snowfox and my girlfriend Blade all in FoP style. :)

I love you This image has Mild Nipple showing. But it is clean apart from that. A nice close huggle...

VDay This was a Valentines present to my Huzza Fox. I felt he deserved it somewhat. :3

Nite Nite Foxy asleep, based on a real life pose of him sleeping. He loves sleeping :)

I have artwork all over the place... if you would like to see more, here are just a few links:
Pink's Realm: This is my Official site for everything Pink related.

Deviant Art: This is where my clean/tasteful art is. Deviant art is a great host, and I am happy to be a part of it.

VCL: This is my VCL archive. If you don't like adult/hardcore erotic artwork, then this place is definitly OFF LIMITS! This is where most of my dirty art is.

Toon Smut: This is another dirty site, click at own risk. It is where I put my toon porn.

Temujin: This is a PG site, very clean! This is a site I made dedicated to my cat Temujin!

This site was created by Pink Fairy Lotus. All text and images on this and associated pages are © 2004 by Helen Galvin. Pink is © Helen Galvin. Snowfox is © Snowfox. Itís more than all right to read, download, and enjoy, even print, but thatís for personal use only. Try anything else, as in commercial use (without first securing written permission, of course) and Foxy will come to your house while you sleep and rip out your eyes!!! Or worse! Now enjoy the site! I Love You Snowfox is hosted with much appreciation on Geocities