About Me

Name : Karen Stretch
Date of Birth : June 19th, 1980
Current Occupation : Psychology student at university. I don't really have a clue what I want to do when I'm finished studying. I was thinking about maybe working in the health service but I really don't know yet! Perhaps I could promote cricket for the ECB (hehe!)

Favourite cricket team : Lancashire!!!
Favourite cricket player : Anyone playing for Lancashire. Also known amongst my very close friends for my Michael Slater obsession - hehe :)
Other sports I love : Football (soccer to all you Americans out there), tennis, Formula 1, ice hockey.
Favourite football team : Manchester United
I have supported them since the age of : 4 years
Favourite footballer : Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Favourite F1 driver : Jacques Villeneuve
I have supported him since the age of : 14 years

Other hobbies, interests, whatever you want to call it : Music (listening and playing). I like anything apart from cheesy boybands, heavy metal, or any of that stuff that doesn't actually have a tune. Dancing, travelling, web designing (future career? Hardly!), my lovely friends, radio .....

I hope you enjoy my site :)