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CA Shout-outs
*Adrienne- one of my best friends in the entire world....man we have way too many inside jokes we just need to calm down lol. we have so many great memories from parties (wrestling :p) church activites, movies, mall(hott guys), school, football and basketball games and many other places! if you ever need anything im always here for you!

*Lindsey- hey orange! we have so many inside jokes we could write a book...which in fact we tried...lol aww lil lindsey was the first out of the five to get their license...then theres adrienne next then allison then me and jardyn!...hottub parties..heck yea. whos ur secret santa? taste like peaches. goat boy! mommas boy! what is that??..um lindsey thats a kid and oh you cant forget the classic...good one lindsey!

*Jardyn- we go all the way b ack to the flat chested leotard days....man those were THE days lol.. and all our lil videos when we sucked lol. ive had so much fun at ur house...im in love with it i love the river and ur hottub (lol) and everything...thanks for helping me through with cheerleadin try-outs im actually liking cheerleading and think im going to do it again next yr!

*Cody T.-hey babe im glad you came to CA u make biology and english (the amen corner) so much more intresting...even if means u help me get in trouble lol im glad were friends now during that umm lil mishap lol but who knows maybe one day...nah :p i love ya!

*Kater-hey my soccer/webcam/checking out hott guys buddie! we have had alot of fun from playin on the webcam to checking out boys to singing and making up dances to songs and everything in between...going to the kenny chesney concert was so much fun especially with that half naked hott cowboy behind us lol and thanks for coming to my parties u always know how to liven them up!

*Jay- your like my best guy friend...even if we dont talk anymore...thanks for all those times  of listenin to my problems and helping me out with stuff and just always being there to make me laugh no matter waht the situation was...if u ever need anything im always here for ya

*Jessica Lynn- we had alot of ups downs from boys to just problems and im glad we through all that ... i miss spendin time with u but oh well we will always be blondie and shortie forever!! i love you

*Allison- im sexy.....kinda ...well maybe not lol good times ...oh man i love boys! boys boys i love them alot! boys you cant live with them and u cant.....well maybe you can ! :p ...we will aLways be roommates for life no matter what lol

*Heather- hey im glad were friends now we have so many softball memories...man we had it rough last year with me crying on the softball trip and then everyone being pissed at us...and just us lol....hopefully this year will be better!

*Amber- my new best friend! lol PCB was so much fun except for those guys video tapping us ..grr...oh well we have so many great times this year im so glad we are freinds now...cheerleadin and band pals...lol well if u ever need ne thing im here for u!!

-----------MORE COMING SOON--------