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Life Of The Chocobo....
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A chocobo is a bird that is used for travelling in the final fantasy games. Chhocobos are mainly a yellow color but there are also special chocobos. These "special" breeds of chocobos are used forcrossing water, mashes, mountains and other placese you may not be able to reach while walking or using other transportation.  To catch a chocobo you must use a green. Greens come in different typs. These "greens" are used to feed the chocobos.
the mog...
a white,fuzzy, red nozed, red winged cut and cuddly animal. The mog orriginated in the squaresoft game "secret of mana"
In the newest squaresoft creation "final fantasy 9" the mog has become even more popular. He saves you games and uses a system called mognet. The mognet is a letter service. (you can learn more by going to mognet central in ff9)