ff7 *aieris*
final fantasy theme
ff8 *mods de chocobo*
ff4 *karko*
ff4 *ridia*
ff4 *love*
ff8 *fragments of memories*
ff8 *chocobo*
ff8 *roses and wine*
ff8 *waltz for the moon*
ff8 *julia*
ff8 *shuffle or boogie*
ff7 *town*
ff7 *tifa's theme*
ff8 *eyes on me*
ff8 *man with machine gun*
ff8 *force your way*
ff8 *the oath*
i love music sooo much.
here are some of my favourite midis.
most of them are from final fantasy games
please send me any music *midi* you think should be on my page. thanx