A solitary man stood at the edge of the seashore watching the sun sink languidly into the darkened Pacific Ocean, trailing its dazzling golden fingers across its surface. The soft breeze that had been playing across the shore grew a bit stronger and welcomed the fleet of fierce stormclouds that peered over the horizon.
A sudden gust of wind rushed towards the man, throwing his long black hair in disarray and covering his cloudy grey eyes. He flung his bony arms up towards his face to grab at his hair and tie it back, but he only got so far as to uncover his eyes when he noticed the waves pursuing his feet with increasing roughness. As they beagn to lap at the edges of his toes, he tried to step backwards, but was stopped short by the heavy iron chains that kept him attatched to a single large boulder.
He tried again in a vain attempt to keep his knee-length black leather boots from getting soaked in the incoming tide, but the waves continued to roll in, getting deeper and deeper with each passing moment. The billows of clouds rolled in faster, suffocating the sun, as he quickly resigned his boots to the rising water and turned his attention to a matter of larger importance; water was seeping its way up his long ancient coat, the pride of his life, and that was simply unacceptable.
In a burst of rage, the lanky man kicked his legs as hard as he could, trying to break himself free from the bonds that held him fast in the midst of the rising depths.
“Hey, Jewel!” called a man from the ship that was anchored nearby. ”Keep kicking and maybe you'll get yourself free, eh?”
“He'll probably break both his legs and drown, first,” yelled a second man.
A group formed on the deck of the ship to watch Jewel cease struggling for a moment and glare up at the lot. The pansy Englishmen were standing on his ship, his ship, and were laughing as they waited for the tide to reach his chest, and then his neck, and then finally, in one solemn movement, cover his head like the last shovelful of dirt over a grave.
A single ray of dying sunlight pierced the black clouds and shone directly on Jewel, and the laughter rang hollowly in his ears as he muttered darkly to himself. He was in the middle of his bitter monologue when a heavy amber object flew through the air, only to connect with a dull thud to his head, and all went black.

(more to come, i hope)

Samantha Conner ©2005