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Mike - 10/22/00 21:54:10
Those who are visiting from my TenchiMuyo site click the back button to go back to my Tenchi Muyo page. Those viewing this from my Homepage, click at the bottom where it says "My page" to get back to my homepage. Thanks

saphira - 07/26/00 02:11:14
suggestions: add more pictures
Date: 26/07/00
hi this is saphira ur page is full of frogs u really like them? yeah and i have seen ur family trees pretty good

Houston, PTQ - 07/19/00 02:47:00
My URL:http://homepages.sportsline.com/texarkhogfan/SPORTSNUT
My Email:Arkansas
Thoughts: not bad, mine is better
favorite sport: what fav
not too bad

Crazykid - 07/10/00 03:05:44
My Email:Canada
Thoughts: none
suggestions: more hockey needed
favorite sport: hockey
Date: July 9, 2000
anything else?: nope
Hi Mike, Well you told me to sign your guestbook so here I am. See ya, Miki

FROG - 07/09/00 22:01:15
To Get back to my page push the back button on your browser. The link on the bottom of this page isin't working right.

FROG - 07/09/00 21:51:22
My Email:Kentucky
Thoughts: This actully worked
suggestions: Thanks for signing my guestbook
favorite sport: Baseball
Date: July 9th, 2000
anything else?: nope
Thanks for signing my guest book

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