Cast and Crew
in alcoholical order
cook, singer,
best moment: second hand smoking
- parang "smoked bangus", nominated for best songstress
(tight race with karen,
votes still to be tallied nyahhaha)
freestyler, si di nakatulog
best moment: hearing keeish and la_mujer sing.. yi yi yii represent... nyahaha
tanggero,bumili ng alak, driver, in short katulong (jk) called in sick,
aww how chweet  hehe
best moment: torotot "lumiyab" bwahaha
driver no. 2, ang may ubo *cough* kaya di masyado nakainom,
mabait pero "chenchit..."
best moment: nominated as best dramatic actor
singer,part of the love triangle
"hirap na talaga pag
- karen was qouted saying
best moment: nominated for best actress(tagay acting)
and for best songstress
Tie breaker  3rd place MICHELLE and ISAH
cook, dancer
best moment: victory dance for outdrinking the guys ..lahat
bagsak while the girls
still standing YIIiiiIIIiiiIIiiI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
the hostess, malayo ang tingin ..missing her cookiecrunch
best moment:  ...beating her 5 year old brother in a pokemon  game ..
"puhleeze mhel wers d challenge?"
musikero, ang na-late sa trabaho
nagkalat ng lagim
best moment: smoking orientation "jo hithit tapos buga pero
walang ubo"  ................... few smokes later ....................
hmmp! hopeless u'll never
learn di bagay sa'yo ...................hehe
win's assistant sa fireshow,  na-hangobir d next day
best moment:without ryan there wud have been no "liyab"  / fireworks!!!
SSpecial Guest Appearances
Angelo - pokemon whiz
Steve Border/Tita Nen - gatecrashers
Edna Divinagracia - as herself
There will be a
Barik Part 2 - The Comeback"
auditions are currently  in session
If you would like to be one of
the cast and crew.
tag the
alcoholics@ d tambayan nearest you..