CH Subtle Delight,CGC,CD,JH,VC

Anyone can claim their pups can "do it all" - we successfully proved it with

Ch Subtle Delight,CGC,CD,JH,VC

OFA GOOD, Genetically Free of PRA, DNA V530169, Thyroid Normal

Almost 24" tall and 53 pounds

AKC and FDSB (field dog stud book) registered.

Click HERE for my pedigree


Hello World! I am called Dee and like the wonderful bitch that I was named after, I am happy just to be alive.  My presence brings Delight to my humans. this is my life story so far…....

On pointThanks Dad

 On Sep. 30, 2001 my human "Daddy" ran me in an AKC Field Trial. We got to takE home the Amateur Walking Hunting Dog first place rosette! This was my first time hunting and I had never seen a quail before that day.  So, thanks to my natural talent with birds, my human “Daddy" decided to take me to something called an AKC Hunting Test.  I only got to go 5 days because I finished my Junior Hunter Title so quickly.

Next, mom looked at me and said I should try going to a dog show.  June 1, 2002. There was a big fuss because I won something called "a point". (Sorry but the only Point I know anything about is the one I do when I find a bird.) I also went Best Of Breed over something called "a special" I only went to one weekend of shows about every 2 months and On July 31, 2003 I went to a really BIG show and got my second major along with Best of Winners to finish my Champion title. My human "mom" handled me but I did all the work.

February 1st, 2003, Mom took me to an Obedience trial (yes, she keeps me busy so I don't get into trouble!). I scored 193.5 and passed the test. The next day Mom and I got a 194.5 and 4th place! The next trial wasn't until March 1, 2003. After a long car ride, I didn't do as well and scored only a 186; good enough to finish my AKC Companion dog Title!

Dee Was Ranked in Front and Finish Magazine as the #7 Irish Setter in Novice B by average score for 2003. Way to go Dee!

Dee made an appearance in Veteran’s Obedience in February of 2007.  Unfortunately we didn’t have an opportunity to brush up her skills but she still managed a nice score and 4th place in a class of 6 veterans, some with a CDX or higher.

November 5, 2006Dee presents us with a long awaited litter.  Click HERE to see her three children.  We consider them the ultimate gift and blessing.  May her children be cherished and loved as much as she is. Subtle Absolute Delight, CGC = Abby,  Subtle Firefly Delight = Bugsy, and UCH Subtle Flutterby Delight, CGC = Flirt.


Me wearing my 4th place obedience rosette and "mom" has the qualifying score ribbon

Love and giggles to everyone,





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