Ch Dunholm Caerphilly



Philly will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Co-owned with Dr. Savory, she was the new beginning for our hopes.

Philly Pups

Above are the pups at just a few weeks old; we are extremely proud of every pup from this litter!

This litter consists of nine pups and of those four are being shown:

  CH Dunholm Murmbidgee - Murmm crossed Rainbow Bridge on Thanksgiving Day 2002 as the result of an unfortunate accident.

Dunholm Lachlan is pointed

Dunholm Subtle Panache, CGC, CD is pointed in conformation.

Dunholm Subtle Inferno, CGC, CD, 3/4 JH, VC is pointed with a Best Of Breed over Specials..


I am very happy to have some of the most wonderful people report to me about the very special pup in their life from this litter:

Dunholm Subtle Tipparary

Tippy has the distinction of hooking her new family on owning Irish Setters. Tippy and her family live on the West Coast of Canada.

This is a puppy photo of how Tippy prefers to sleep.



Dunholm Madison 5/07/96 5/17/08

She has also convinced her family that she is the most wonderful creature on four paws. She's got her new "daddy" convinced he's her least when he is around. Me thinks this one is an opportunist Dad!

Madison's grooming is compliments of her dad and shows how an Irish Setter that is well bred looks fantastic even if she doesn't ever go into a show ring.

For 12 years Madison was loved by her family. Our hearts go out to them and we are also saddened by the news that she passed away.



Dunholm Subtle Kyla 5/07/06 10/26/08

Kyla sports the casual hair style and is proof that these pups are lovely minus the clipping. This is a new photo of Kyla (2000), showing she is a "natural" beauty.

She was the first born of this litter, a very special girl in every way. She will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.



Dunholm Shelby also lives the life of a pampered pet and most likely has her humans charmed into spoiling her rotten. (We need a new photo of Shelby -- hint, hint!)


The final male pup from this litter is also a wonderful companion to a very special family.