Here`s a wish
Especially for you,that as a
New day starts,
may your blessings be many and worries ,few~~~~~~
Here`s a hope,that in the
New day,the time
That you spend with loved ones is beautiful,
And Creates memories to be
cherished for ever.
The Value of the friendship
cannot be measured
only treasured.
"Friend" is one of the most
Beautiful words I know
And I will always wish the best
And all days the
Most special to u
Its wonderful to know SOMEONE who always wears a SMILE
Who seemd the SUNNYSIDE of things and makes life more WORTHWHILE
Someone who`s especially NICE and very THOUGHTFUL too
Its wonderful to know someone as WONDERFUL as you!
This card hold many WISHES and if all of them comestrue
You`re To have a DAY thats simply WONDERFUL like YOU
First comes school age
Second comes college
Try to ENJOY Your life
Before "TEENAGE"