+ The Twilight Chronicles +

Everyone needs their vampire stories, and so do I. However, unlike the commen portrayal of the blood-sucking creatures, I have a different perspective...fall into my world, my own twist of the legendary creatures...

+ Beyond the Land of the Dragons +

In a world not unlike Earth, there is a place where myth and reality are intertwined. When the Age of the Dragons came, when mists and magic were new, Power was given to Man. Creatures of magic decent became myth, and the Greats became legendary.

+ Beyond Hayte +

Have you ever been beyond hate? When cruelty and torture are too good for those who deserve it? Have you ever wanted to taste the sweet blood of death, release the anger youíve held onto so long? Have you ever gotten to that point when you donít care about the consequences, or what you may end up doing? Have you ever broken a promise to be kind, and wreck havoc on the innocent? There comes a time when we all feel such hate. For some, itís only a momentary thought that crosses the mind. For others, itís a one time commitment in which they regret the moment itís over. And yet, there are the occasional few like myself, who only live to smile as people die at our hands.

+ The Poetry Corner +

Poetry isn't exactly my forte, but occasionally I find myself lost in the hypnosis of this form of art...

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Welcome web-surfers and possible fans.
This site, I dedicate to all those who want
to fly to another place on magic wings;
to all who appreciate the hard work and
frustration I put in to my stories.

~*~A Little About Myself & My Work~*~

I've been writing little blurbs and short stories
for the majority of my life, however, I really
started getting into writing when I was in the 6th
grade when I discovered Tolkien's The Lord of the
. Since then, I've devoured books of all sorts
from Anne Rice to S.E. Hinton.
More about myself...I'm a junior at Big Sky,
I'm 16 years old, and am completely obsessed with
vampires and Tim Burton.
But enough about me...I doubt you clicked the link to get
here to talk about the author. You want to be taken to those
magical places that come out of my mind...Well, follow the
road and see where it leads.

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