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I'm looking up, trying to find our star in the sky-
love is forever but life is so short, and there are no answers for the question why.
Through this infinite eternity-can you still feel the passion burn?
If you can- send me a sign, i'm here in the dark, waiting for you to bring the light.
If you were still my lover,
the way i thought it would always be;
you would have my arms- but for me would your heart still thunder
This longing in my soul-is it something you can see?
If you were still my lover,
would you trust in my love's authenticity?
Would you doubt?
Would you stay or would you run away from me?
Is it obvious-
do you really need all these words to describe
the way i feel without you in my life?
If i never find the right
words to make it clear-how i long for you;
will you wait for all time?
If ever there were such a thing-you would be my true love;
a love untouched by the world, unstained by all the pain and cruelty
there is no description adequate, no words real enough
no emotion strong enough to prove the passion stirring up in me.