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You’ve tried all your life to make it to the scene
Picture book, movie screen-some crazy magazine-
Life in perfection or so it’s always seemed
This is all your dreams
Rising to the top just to prove your ethnicity
Just to prove you can win the fight
Be it here or in your mind
You have found in time
Wish you may-wish you might
You’ve found what you’ve searched for all your life-
Found it in the night.

This is your theatre and you pick the show
Showing all the things you want the world to know
Writing your story
Proving all your destined glory
This is you
Some real but mostly fiction---but in your mind it all seems true.

Next step
Segment two
A lot of pictures and words are few
You’re finally feeling understood
Finally found some luck from all that knocking on wood
Has brought you through.

The conclusion
Odd that it has nothing to do with the ending
Or beginning
Or really what lies in between—
Its about solution
And happy middle ground
And everything that stays sound-
The real end
The destiny
Has very little to do with what lies between-
Its you
Its me
It’s the ability
To find stability
And some secure sense of consistency.
Its you
Its me
Its the feeling
Of finally being