(Inspired by the painting
'Young Woman with a Water Pitcher'
by Vermeer)

On this day,
My heart is sure.
Once more my Lord
Will grace this door.

Present his face,
A wifely kiss
I will bestow,
In wedded bliss.

Glad returned,
From foreign war.
No more to range
O'er distant soil.

Not yet with child,
My breath did bate.
The Herald's song
Of happy fate.

Our men homecoming,
All battles gone.
Squadrons turning
South once more.

Another glimpse,
Sweet window sill.
Unlit the beacon,
On Signal hill.

Breathless city,
Deacons tend.
Cathedral bells,
A message bend.

To every corner,
All around.
If smallest wisp
Of smoke ascends.

Sad, sad widows,
On bended knee.
Consign their love
To eternity.

I am blessed,
My lotion lave.
Anoint my body,
Ablute my heart.

My finest gown,
Wondrous meal.
Healing love,
My chalice now.

I hear the cries,
The surging bells.
Make haste, make haste!
Once more he dwells.

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