Screensaver: Max and Liz - Ever So Lonely (no sound)
by Cheryl for MMM Graphics

Download now:
Description: This screensaver features a selection of Max and Liz screencaps from season one episodes and promos.

File size: 1.2 mb

Download time: Approximately 5 minutes over a 28.8k modem.

Installation instructions: Click on the link below to download the screensaver file and choose "save to disk." Make a note of the directory where the file is saved. The file is a compressed zip file. Once it is downloaded, most people can just double-click on the file to extract it. Once extracted, double-click on the .exe file, and the screensaver will be installed automatically.

If the zip file does not extract when you double-click on it, you may need an unzipping utility, such as Winzip (shareware), or Aladdin Expander (freeware), to unzip the file. After installing your Winzip or other decompression utility, follow the instructions for extracting the file and proceed as above.

If you have any questions or problems with installing the screensaver, please e-mail us at MMM Graphics.

Download now:

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