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From: Kevin
Date: 19 Jan 2001
Time: 10:35:10
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Just cruising around the Web on my lunch hour.Nice web site. Well done and professional in appearance. Don't agree with hunting doves though. I have hunted on my farm for over 30 years and have few issues with hunting in general, since humans have eliminated a great many of the natural predetors. Although there should be a season on road hunters,fence crunchers,poachers, spotlighters, etc., in my opinion. But why hunt doves? Most wingshooters have enough trouble with a clean kill on pheasants, much less on a mourning dove. It can't be for the meat, for obvious reasons. The only thing I can figure out is that some folks just want to kill something for the "challenge" of it, which to my way of thinking is morally reprehensible. If you are feeding your family, fine, shoot all the deer, pheasant and turkey your skill and the law will allow. If you want challenge, buy a box of clay pigeons, or shoot beer cans for all I care. But why risk wounding a small bird so it can die a slow, painful death? While I think the majority of society is very hypocritical when it condemns the hunter, while muching daily on meat that someone else kills, I also feel that too few hunters really have any sense of honor or reflection about the game that they kill. These are living creatures just like you and you should experience some sense of loss, and regret, when you take an animals life. Hunting is a part of a well-balanced wildlife management plan, along with habitat preservation, control of human encroachment, etc. In conclusion, I feel we had better get a handle on the Public Relations aspect of hunting, if it is to survive at all. Hunting is under enough pressure in present day society, without this sort of public-relations disaster.

Respectfully, Kevin Woods

Eastern Iowa Sportsmen's Rally Banquet

From: Wiredog
Date: 06 Mar 2000
Time: 04:28:19
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I will be chairing the Eastern Iowa Sportsmen's Rally Banquet during the month of May in the Davenport area. The banquet will be hosted by the IA Committee of the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America. The procedes will go toward building a war chest to protect the rights of hunters, trappers and fisherman in the state of Iowa. Currently we are trying to pass the Dove Bill. This is not our focus, our focus is sportsmen's rights. The dove bill just happens to be on the table right now. Soon it will be your trapping, fishing and bow hunting rights.

If anyone would like to help out with the banquet, donate something or has some ideas in how to raise some coin, or would like to attend please indicate so and when things are firmed up I will get in touch with you.

Ya know, we have allot of great banquets raising funds for the resource, due to the Anti sportsmens movement underway we better start working at defending our rights to enjoy our natural resources as we see fit, not how the antis think we should live! Enough said!


From: Wiredog
Date: 01 Mar 2000
Time: 15:39:12
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If you are not registered to vote, get it done.

If you have moved recently you may need to get registered again.

Registered voters is a very important weapon in our war.

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