6/26/03-I got better at HTML. Unfourtunately the last entry I had contained too many broken links and was trying to discuss them. So it's gone. Anyway, Freinds have changed in that time. A whole lot in fact... Ides barely talks to me. Post Rapture quit the Zelda section. Topie almost died at one point. I did, however, find cool new freinds, though SOME of them haven't answered me in a while... Namely, to start with, PyralisShadow is a cool girl, but I don't think I'll reach her just by e-mailing her. StarDragonBlue has been a reader of my fan fiction, but only now have I seen her for who she is- a strict Christian. She almost sounds Roman Catholic but she's non-demoninational. Meh. Prolly me just judging people and assuming too much.
I hope.

4/20/01-Hello again!  Just busy writing something on the way I'll get back at Zeus and Hera for taking Post's e-mail addresses.  We will see who uses ze duct tape!  Anything else really?  Oh yes, I'm grounded at home, so work on these projects will be slow.  I hope for good behavior really.  I won't cause trouble... as long as it's in the real world!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
4/17/01-I just read Ides of Diamonds's stories.  Many of them are good!  Why am I plugging her in this way?  Maybe cause she's good, especially for a thirteen year old!