8/31/04- Dude, I've almost forgotten about the QBasic programs I've made, I've been too absorbed in PC games nowadays.  Anyway, I have a quick update- TeleFrag MapSpawn is added to the list.  It's not jsut for ZDoom anymore, it works on all of the Doom Ports.

Oh yes, and this page looks ugly.  I know, I know.  I just changed the color to a healthy green to go along with Legend of Zelda a lil better.

6/26/03- I'm not dead.  I'm gettin better, really.  Anyway, I must admit that I will have some more stuff coming up for people.  I finished compiling a cool lil diary program for people.  If you like keeping a diary for yourself, this might be something to check out.  I'll upload it soon...

5/30/01- deleted- the program offered in this update is no longer available.

5/01/01- Guess what?! Jegend of Zelda: the Jaatsarblub is ready for testing!  I'll also liven up the page with a stuff page.

4/26/01- Sword Fighting is updated, but will probably be updated again later and seperated into a seperate game.  I think I'll take my old fighting game down and replace this game with it...  Also, the Documentation of PAINT THE WALL is up.  It's an HTML file, and included with the Zip.

4/23/01- Paint the Wall has been updated again to 4.0.0!  I have no documentation yet... I forgot to zip it up...

4/20/01- Updated the stupid bug in Paint the Wall that didn't allow you to keep your old pic when you canceled resize.  Also, I have a new game up for ya- the Sword fighting game that will be part of Legend of Zelda: the Jaatsarblub!

I also changed the music.  Petition for the original song back if you want it!

4/17/01- I've updated the Paint the Wall utility.