Howdy ya'll

Hears ma webs page

fir da Barr Famerly.

We'all moved on into the Utopia Traylor Park

last month. We's wer rel lucky to get the spot

we gots. Too bad ol Ms Blanch had ta dies tho.

Hears the traylor

We gots it painted specal so's we'd knows

wear the traylor was alls the time.

My names Billy Barr

hears my pitur at work

I works fir da T&P Traylor Sales

My wifs names Arlene Barr

hear she is...aint she a prudy one!

We gots three kids..thay is the bestest kids ever.

first is Titty Barr

...she's just a fine lookin kid if I's do says so.

Then we gots Gay Barr...she's my sweetypie

Then I finally gots my son...his names Beer Barr

This wus his pitur from gratuation from midle skool

He's gittin a goods edumacation!

I noes its ben a heck of long times since'n I aded anythan to thisn

pag an I is real sorry bout that!

I ben real buzy selin traylers n such.

I'd likes to thank Elvis fir letten us links

ar page to hisuns. I'l try to keeps up on the goins ons

at the park and wif our fine famerly.

Than ya again

Billy, Arlene, Titty, Gay n Beer Barr