Ansestors & Memorial Grove
Several of my grandparents now have gone before me on their journey back to the inbetween place. This is where I honor their memories and where in cyber space they live on through me. I love them and miss them very much...

There are many things I learned from them & how they live through me, and how they will not live through me.

I have others that I have loved and they have come and gone. Friends sometimes walk into our lives for a reason
a season
or a life time.

Very few have been a lifetime.

One by one I will tell you their tales and mine...
Ellen Marie Fink, Life Partner, Beloved, Wife : Parted May 15, 2004
"Griffyn" Donal Von Griffyn, Husband : Parted January 5th, 1996
My Father's Parents:
Baron Ernesto von Kauffman, Married to Victoria De Arce, died 1950
Grandpa Jones, married to Victoria Jones, died 1993
Grandma Victoria, married to George Jones Jr., died 1998
My Mother's Parents:
Pop-pop, married to Dorthy Hoey, died 2000
Nan, married to Arthur C. Hoey, died 2000