Manea's Art Gallery
Click on any of these to see the enlargement.
This is a logo I did for a middle eastern resturant in VA when I was about 15 or so. It was done in Pen & Ink.
This is an acrylic wash I did during my chriastian funamentalist stage in the early 90's. I think it's got some soul.
I did this as a quickie sketch out of a national geographic magazine in high school during the 80's. It's just a pencil sketch, but again I think the figures depict the soul.
This was an assignment in community college and I had alot of fun with it. It's charcoal sketch. Done in the late 80's.
This is another community college project. It's grey charcoals on grey paper. I just love the depth in this one.
This is one of infamy. It is called Draped Illusions. It won huge awards for me. It also got to hang in the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, published in Virgina writing a National Literary Magazine & toured the state of VA for a year. It is a pencil sketch that I stayed up all night doing from memory because I was a perfectionist. I was 16 when I did it.
I won an award for this one also, Scholastic Honorable mention in like 86'. I was really into Anne McCaffrey's dragon riders of Pern. It was also my first attemt at depth with the paper bag. I really enjoyed doing this one. It's pencil and colored pencil.
This was another community college project. The guy was a picture from Playboy magazine and the rest was combined images. I love the quality of the arylic wash.
The picture is curled so there is some deformity in the picture but this was graded A in a VCU class, the 3rd best art school in the country. I am very proud of it. It's colored pencil & acrylic wash. Late 80's.
This is also a high school messing around sketch. Pencil inspired by Boris Vallejio, my favorite artist then & now still. Mid 80's.
This was  apart of my assignment to get into VCU as my application. I had to combine textures in a collage & then do a black & white drawing of it. It was hard but I loved it. 1988, Pencil sketch.