The Many facets of Manea
I have many aspects to me much in the way that the Divine has many aspects. These are not multiple personalities, but moods and mind sets I can be in, although sometimes I will refer to them as if they were their own persons... mmmm looks like I need to modify these & add some .... (check anything with "new" behind it)
Manea, The catalyst
Pagan High Priestess
Mythica, The Storyteller
Kitty, Passion Monster
M & M, My Inner Child
Gabrielle, The Arch Angel
Office Admin
Reiki Master, The Healer
Certified Hypnotherapist
IZY, The Shape Changing Dragon
Alia, The Saytr Child of Passion
BRUTAL Truth Sayer
Gypsy Crone,
The Ever Morphing Fortune Teller(updated)

Jaded, The Hermit
HIGH Manea(updated)
Sade, the Vampire(updated)