Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity,
the Family of Pain
Recently I have discovered that the various medical problems I have had my whole life actually have a name that groups them all together. Fibromyalgia has a host of other diagnosis that all sort of fall under the same catagory. One Dr. Roby I believe has the key, horome imbalance. It has everything about me on this one page.

Now that I have a name for the thing that has been plaguing me, I am going to do something about it. Nothing has worked for me for my alleergies. I didn't know that my allgergies were a symptom of something else. I have been using my hypnotherapy all these years to help with things like improving my sleep, reducing reactions, and partitioning my mind to handle the pain. With this new information I intend to fight this, and as I find out stuff I will post it here, so that others can follow my journey and learn also what works for me & what doesn't.

I am a fighter! As my friend
Thor said last night, "If there is anyone who can find a way, it's you Manea."

And by god I am going to try!