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So long as
there is one man willing to work
but unable to find employment,
the hours of work are too long.
Abraham Lincoln




This is America. There is no “them”. There is only us!
William Jefferson Clinton


Born: 6 February 1911 – Died at 93: 4 June 2004
  Served as President of the Screen Actors Guild: 1947-1952 and 1959-1960
Elected Governor of California in 1966 — Reëlected Governor of California in 1970
1980: Elected President of the United States of America
by every California County except San Francisco and Alameda
1984: Reëlected President of the USA by every California County except San Francisco, Alameda, and Marín

“The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones.”— Shakespeare
Ronald Reagan will be remembered for:

Being, per Clark Cifford, “an amiable dunce”
Ordering National Guard troops to spread tear gas over the Berkeley campus of the University of California
resulting in the shooting, and death, of a student protestor
Closing California's mental hospitals thus creating “the homless problem”
Firing Air Traffic Controllers
Ordering drug testing of Federal employees
Advocating unconstitutional prayer in public schools
Allowing AIDS to become pandemic, killing thousands, by ignoring the facts for longer than five years
Refusing to allow Federal funds to be used to treat AIDS patients even after recognicing that it exists
Engaging in military actions in Nicaragua and El Salvador in violation of the United States Congress' orders
Paying an official visit to a Nazi cemetery in Bitburg, Germany
Having his veto of sanctions against apartheid South Africa overridden by Congress
Stealing from Mikhail Gorbachev credit for peacefully ending the Cold War
Boring actress Jane Wyman, his first wife, to divorce
Creating the myth of the “Welfare Queen”
Invading Grenada
Opposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Opposing the Voting Rights Act of 1965
Opposing the Fair Housing Act of 1968
Causing “an across-the-board breakdown in the machinery constructed by six previous administrations to protect civil rights.” according to the Citizens Commission on Civil Rights
Being ranked second-worst President for Civil Rights by the Encyclopædia of African-American Politics
Supporting military dictatorships in Guatemala: 440 villages destroyed
Supporting military dictatorship in El Salvador
Creating more than a million refugees fleeing El Salvador and Guatemala
Supporting opponents of the Sandinistas who ousted the hated Somoza dictatorship of Nicaragua
with funds earned by treasonously selling armaments to Iran
Deregulating the Savings & Loan industry resulting in a $350 billion taxpayer bailout
Almost to tripling the national debt by reducing taxes and increasing spending
Taking tax revenue from the poor to give to the rich
Testifying before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities
Being “the Great Communicator”
 Co-starring with a chimpanzee in Bedtime for Bonzo
Signing more than thirty bills adding 10.6 million acres to the National Wilderness Preservation System
Marrying Nancy Davis
Signing Martin Luther King holiday into law
Stopping Federally-proposed dams on California's Feather and Eel rivers
Stopping a Federal freeway through the Sierra Nevada
Appointing first woman, Sandra Day O'Connor, to the Supreme Court of the United States
Working to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions of actors while serving, 1947-1952 and 1959-1960, as
President of the Screen Actors Guild
Saying “Mister Gorbachev: Tear down this wall!”


Reagan Administration PROGRAM CUTS              (Millions of dollars)
Training and Employment
Energy Assistance
Health Services (Community Health Centers; Care for the Homeless}
Legal Services
Compensatory Education
Housing Assistance for the Elderly
Community Services Block Grants (Anti-poverty agencies)

From: Roger B. (rcblinn@*.net)
Icono Clast wrote...
> Remembering Ronald Reagan: Let Us Remember Lest We Forget

While remembering Regan, shall we also remember Regan's Secretary of the Interior, James G. Watt? From High Country News

On September 20, 1983, the Senate voted 63-33 to deny Watt the power to lease coal at his discretion, to forbid the leasing of certain key off-shore oil and gas tracts, to forbid drilling in Wilderness, and so on.  The bill also ordered Watt to do something he'd sworn he wouldn't do — buy additional National Parks land.  1984 was to be his big year.  He was going to lease (strip-mine) coal adjacent to Bryce Canyon National Park. [R]
James G Watt:  "I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent." (a reference to his staff) — to the US Chamber of Commerce, September 21, 1983.

You are welcome to comment or contribute.

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Icono Clast
Posted to UseNet: Armistice Day, 1999

If I were to praise everything upon which I report, my opinion would have no value. If I were to criticize everything upon which I report, my opinion would have no value. I hope that some of you hold the opinion that my reports are well-founded and trustworthy.
MMMMMWhen my fingers flog the keyboard preparing a report for your con- sideration, I try to get the facts straight and welcome corrections.
MMMMMWhen I present my observations, they're as accurate and objective as it's possible for me to make them. They're what I think I saw and heard and not necessarily what someone else saw and heard. Such observations are often inaccurate which is proved thousands of times daily in court rooms around the world. But I believe mine to be true, accurate, and objective.
MMMMMWhen I express an opinion, it is only my opinion. My opinion cannot be wrong. My opinion cannot be right. It is but an opinion. It is you, who might agree, argue, or disagree with me, who colors my opinion one way, some way, or another way. I have allowed my opinion to be subjected to your power to confirm, dismiss, dispute, contradict, or ignore.
ICONO CLAST: A San Franciscan in 47.335² mile San Francisco.

eMail from an attorney:
Well said.


eMail: wrote:
Icono Clast wrote:
When I present my observations, they're as accurate
and objective
as it's possible for me to make them.


One thing I've always admired about your well-written  posts is that they are based on your personal knowledge of an event, situation or person.  Too often people comment at length about people they've never met or places they've never been;  I've always believed in the primacy of direct personal observation as a source of knowledge.

From: Neal <neal@*.com   Date: 1999/11/12:
I have always found your posts to be well written & fair. You are one of the few people who's opinion I respect on this board. As well as being one of the more knowledgeable people who post here.


Icono Clast responded to Steve Mueller who wrote

Well, that depends how you define "opinion".  For example, if you're
color-blind, you might say red and green look the same.  That is a
fact from your perspective, but could also be considered an opinion.

Precisely why my remarks included "Such observations are often inaccurate which is proved thousands of times daily in court rooms around the world."
Pedantically yours,
Well, yes, but see above.
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