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I eat, travel, dance, ride roller-coasters, occasionally have a thought I like to think original, and am proud to be an extremely provincial and parochial San Franciscan. The dance items at this site are, I hope, of general interest. I further hope you find something to inform or amuse you. If you do nothing else here, I hope you'll look at the pieces I'm Proud I Wrote.
As of September of 2002, I have posted more than 4,000 messages to UseNet primarily, but not exclusively, to groups focused on dancing, travel, roller-coasters, and San Francisco. What might be the first appeared December 12, 1993. I have had no fewer than three Op Ed opinion pieces published in newspapers with circulations greater than 100,000, one with my picture. I was also interviewed by Dave McElhatton for 15 minutes on radio station KCBS following a cross-country motorcycle trip during which I called in my adventures from around the USA. I have also had numerous letters published in newspapers, magazines, and on National Public Radio's All Things Considered.
I was born in San Francisco and have not lived elsewhere except for the more-than-four four cumulative years that I've spent on The Road probably visiting your home. It's been many decades since I concluded that there is no greener grass, a fact I've happily confirmed by continuing to look to see whether there is some.
I have visited every state and nation in America except the Maritimes, NorthWest Territories, the former Guianas, Paraguay, Belize, and a few Caribbean islands. I've also not been to one of the USA's continental states but I won't tell you which. I have also visited sixteen countries in Europe.
Thanks to a few good investments, my union and its pension, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I am retired but not poor. You can see how I did it in the
history written by request of an economics-teaching friend.
In addition to struggling with Standard American English, I speak North American Spanish.