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The purpose of IIAREP is consolidation of scientific and technical potential of European universities, institutes and other scientific institutions towards the solution of urgent ecological problems in the Carpathians region and the nearest territories at the local, regional and international levels.

Subjects of IIAREP activity are:

  • fundamental researches;
  • applied researches with approbation of their results on the particular territory;
  • ecological examination;
  • ecological training and education;
  • consulting services;
  • publishing activities.

The objects of specific researches of IIAREP and approbation of their results are ecosystems, which are located on the territory of watersheds of three major rivers: Dnipro, Danube and Vistula. The sources of this rivers are located in vicinities of Lviv and in the Carpathians.


Programmes carried out under the aegis of IIAREP

1. Lviv Water and Wastewater. Denmark, Ukraine
2. Energy Plan for Lviv 2000. Germany, Ukraine
3. Strategy for Ecological and Economic Development of Ukraine and Mechanisms of its Implementation in the Period of Transition. Ukraine
4. Foundation of Trilateral Polish-Slovak-Ukrainian Biospheric Reserve УEastern CarpathiansФ. Poland, Ukraine, Slovak  Republic, 
5. Foundation of Bilateral Romanian-Ukrainian Biospheric Reserve УMaramorosh MountainsФ. Romania, Ukraine
6.World Ecological Constitution.Idea. Concept. Problems.  


  • 1.Foundation of International trans-border biospheric reserves.
  • 2.Conservation of ecosystem biodiversity in Carpathians.
  • 3.Mitigation of adverse anthropogenic effects, including pollution, soil erosion, landslides and floods in Eastern Europe.
  • 4.Ecological monitoring of protected watersheds in the framework of Baltic Sea Programme.
  • 5.Dissemination of ecological knowledge as well as basics of Sustainable Development Concept among local community.

Activities are carried out in home countries of all IIAREP members



Contact us:

 Mailing Address :  41 Doroshenko str., r.62, 79000 Lviv, Ukraine
 Country: Ukraine
 Primary Contact Person: Professor Yuriy Tunytsya
 Telephone Number(s) : ++(380-322) 35-22-69,   ++(380-322) 35-24-11
 Fax Number(s) : ++(380-322) 35-22-69,  ++(380-322)97-17-65
 Email(s):  iiarep@forest.lviv.ua
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