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Jerry Eitnier

Eitnier Rifles

Iron Mounted Southern Guns

Hollywood usually pictures the pioneer carrying fancy brass bound Pennsylvania-

Kentucky rifles. Actually most frontiersman could not afford such expensive arms

even had they wanted them. The rifle carried by most frontiersman and mountaineers was often made by the neighborhood blacksmith ,or, miller during the slack season. Mountain rifles were generally iron bound with hand forged fittings. Ornamentation was minimal. Brass was not really a desirable feature to a frontier hunter especially if there

was a chance that he might become the hunted!

In my work I try to capture the look and feel of the guns made in the Southern

Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Eastern Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia, and

Western North Carolina, by using traditional methods of gun making and finishing.

All guns are aged and have a fine patina and are built to use, the more you use

them the better they will look!

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