Updates and News-related stuff:

Hey all, Liz here. Makin' wit da updates and what not.
Please welcome the newest edition to our female arteests page, Rinda. I chose to point out that it's all female, because i am a big hairy feminist lesbian and therefore the all-female thing pleases me greatly.
Also note that Rinneh's name is underneath mine. Having her underneath me also pleases me, for the above reasons. Well, ok,  mainly the lesbian one.

Updates: Liz, G, Marylou, Writing
Does anyone think this index page is too cluttered???

9/8/03 Happy Belated International Orgasm Day!!
Well gots some new pics from Erione, Martini and myself to put up, so go check out our Arte pages :D yay. And sign the guestbook as always... let me know if anythings stuffed still... oh and here's a funny little excerpt that i will someday put somewhere... it's most funny when its acted out and when you've read Othello, but at least it was better that the other group's heart of darkness thingy when we acted it out. Imagine me saying "mine husband?" in various higher degrees of pitch... and CLICKEE!! (Written By The Actoresses Named)

PPLZ plz send some pics of urselves that you will allow up on your Arte (or (f)arte) pages like erione and i have already done...

**** also have linked the monsterbait gallery to the "photos" linkie above, so go there if u haven't yet...

3/8/03 Five days to Orgasm Day!
And some gorgeous new pix from Erione :) yay! unfortunately none of them are raunchy as such, so we'll have to get some for next weekend maybe that will fit Orgasm Day, oh yes!
**** I had to archive the guestbook because it was FULL! =O
I think perhaps this means we should get like a messge board of some description? Would that be a good idea? Or considering the last time maybe not? Let me know ppls,
email me or something.

Had to think for a while about that date... lol leave me alone i'm tired with tiredness! anyhoos, there is now some more pics from erione coming... so huzzah for that! she gave those ones to me for muh burfday. lubs j00 erione!!! - ml

Tomorrow's my burfday! huzzah for me! Well i put up G's pic and edited Liz's page, and also added more banners to the links page, so go link us and check out some other arty stuff. Much more to add though, those are pretty much my fav. links. anyhoos, shah all, see u tomorrow! :-* Miss Marylou

9/7/03 Happy Melvin/Courtney's burfday!!
Yus i have been v. v. naughty lately, not updating for ages. But now I gots the piccehs from Lizzeh up and I gots one by G on the way. Hopefully Erione will send soem of hers soon and I will soon finish the ones I've been workign on for what feels like ages. In the meantime... go check out Lizzeh'sstuff, lorder you!
oh, and sign the guestbook, we always like that ;)

More pics from me. some of them are quite old, but i figured they related to the subject hehe... and, in another related issue: SEX!!!

14/6/03 FULL MOON
uploaded 2 of erione's pics. more will definitely be coming soon. since they're coming, lets dedicate them to Jimmeh, yay! hehehe.
btw. creeped out by Darkness who posted on the GB... 8\ who was that?

Gonna start up the profiles soon, hopefully. Liz and G might upload some pics and such, and I've uploaded some of my own so go check out that page... =P plus go to the links page to add one of our banners to your site!!

Update 26/5/03
Uploaded quite a lot of Martini's pics, so clickee on  link to checkiss, although.opefully soon we will write some profiley thingies and scan Erione's and my pics too. Sarah hasn't done much yet... we're just gonna wait. Contemplating adding Georgia and Liz if they want to add to this site... perhaps liz could do a webcomic cuz she's wanted to do one? suggestions?
l8ers, Marylou