Hardin County, Illinois Ghost Towns

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The Cave in The Rock that gave the town it's name. Located on the Ohio River & boats were the main source of transportation for many years. Coal, grain and flourspar were main exports from the town in times more past than present. At one time it was a flourishing and vibrant town. There is much history here, mostly good but some very odd, such as the River Pirates and The Mason Gang.

Roundtop School near Lambtown 1895 - 1896. Lambtown was located off Rt. 1 on Lamb Rd going east and past the Manerva Mines on the left. This picture was originally published by the Historical Society on their calender photos.

Battery Rock School Photo. Battery Rock was to the north and east of Cave in Rock. It can be reached by turning off Rt. 1 onto Lamb Rd. and going to the right at the end of the road; take that road until you come to a fork and go to the left. I am not sure where the school was exactly located since there isn't anything there anymore.

Names of children are as follows, thanks to NL Belt. Battery Rock School, October 24,1900 Back row: Left to Right: Stella Sturgeons, Lewis Scroggins, Millard Underwood, Etta Tadlock, John Sturgeons, Della Sherdian, teacher, Ada Lamb, Florence Scroggins, Doris Underwood, and Ethel Underwood. Row 2: Clarence Tadlock, Viola Underwood, Hepsia Sheridan, Lillian Angelton, Mae Angelton, Arizona Taylor, Ella Taylor, Ollie Tadlock, Laura Tadlock, Etta Milligan, unknown Lamb, Addie Underwood and Pearl Brittain. Front row: Edgar Lamb, Charlie Crow, Russell Crow, Johnie Angelton,Charlie Winn, Sanders Scroggins, Unknown Broy and Ray Albert.

Fluorspar Barge Unloading Area

Fluorspar Mine Bin 1950's

Old Mason Gang Story (not for the faint).

Old Cave In Rock Photos

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