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Branchville A Christian Mystery Site:

Branchville is a city of intrigue. The mayor of Branchville is Joseph Jacobson. He is a deeply faithful servant of the Most High God, and because of his name, he likes to wear a multicolored coat. Mayor Joseph isn't married, he is totally devoted first to God, then to this town.

Town sheriff is Mr. John Branch. Sheriff Branch is married to Little Branch, and they have four twigs... I mean kids. They reside in Branchville, and are also very sincere Christian people. Sheriff Branch is an honest, loving, caring officer of the law, who sees the law as Truth, but realizes people's sin nature.

Not everyone in Branchville is so devout. In fact, some are quite the opposite. Lucy Fire is one of those. Lucy is a medium, a summoner of spirits, and a caster of spells. She would love to get the citizens of Branchville to follow her wicked ways. She has tried to keep her activities hidden from the sheriff and mayor, but she realizes one day, they will most likely catch her. Before that, though, she wants to take as many down with her as possible.

On top of all of this, Branchville hides an awful secret. A secret from it's past. This secret is only known by a few citizens, and they have sworn secrecy to their graves. Perhaps, though, as a visitor to Branchville, you can discover their awful secret. Do you wish to enter the town?