Please read the following rules before joining. Please don't expect to be accepted if you have not read all the rules.

1. We are no longer accepting people without a website. You mush have a website! 2. No porn/hate/racism/sexism/etc.
3. This is a semi-elite clique, so you should have at least some knowledge of and/or experience with HTML and webdesigning.
4. You must link back to us. Go to the codes section.
5. Put the link somewhere noticable, preferably the splash/index page. A "cliques" page is fine also.
6. Put the code up before you submit.
7. Personals/blogs are preferred, but we make some exceptions. 8. The layout is basically more important than the content, so you'd better have a good layout.
9. To make sure you read the rules, in the comments box the put "mommy loves you."
10. You have to either have a domain or be hosted. Geocities is fine, but anything else is a no-no.
11. No hiatus, under construction, or coming soon.
12. We will do random link-checks, so please have your link up at all times.
13. Last but not least, make sure your site is in English, and it's understandable. That means no ToGgLe TyPiNg, n3tx l1ng0z (wad upz, lyk, wid, u). A little bit of UNDERSTANDABLE Internet shorthand (dunno, yanno, okie) is okay.

That's it! So, go join!