Welcome to the Sick and Twisted Domain of the Illustrious Harpo.......



Welcome, welcome to my website. No, its not terribly cool, but hey, you're lucky I'm even able to turn the damn box on.

I graduated with a B.A. in medieval economics. Course, there's not much call for people who know what a sea loan is now is there?

I have no friends. But if you have money, and a great sense of humor, I'm for sale.


I have never been a comic book reader, but the Lenore comic book has wormed *ugh* its way into my heart. Go to www.spookyland.com. The artist has a kickass website.


Cooking Persian and Moroccan food, Photography, Languages, medieval economics,  hanging out in Chinatown, Making my brain hurt reading Maimonidies, harrassing Duran Duran (especially Nick, the messed up turnip), sewing clothes I will never wear, and telling people how arabs and jews can live together and have a hellova good time too.

Things I'd like to do: learn to play oud, speak persian, and make a better web page. 

People who I think suck:
Malcom Rogers of the MFA.
This museum deserves much better than this back-stabbing, selfish, horrible architect hiring loser.

Boston Bruins Management.

Maurice Papon Le Cachon. You may be able to escape earthly justice, but G-d is waiting for your ass, boy.
See you in hell.

NICK RHODES INSULT OF THE WEEK: I'm only doing this to make you a better person Nick, believe me:

I think we should get together and buy Nick a nice pony. That way he can wear his pink cowboy outfit allllll the time. A shetland pony! He can dye it's hair to match his....little pink kerchief around its neck....it would be *so* cayoot! Maybe it can have its own little pink cowboy hat!!!

Look Ma, its Loathsome Jack!


1. Lella Fatima - Sfatayim
2. Nour el Ain - Amr Diab
3. Last Chance on Stairway - Duran Duran
4. Ghost of Steven Foster - Squirrel Nut Z's
5. Take my Picture - Filter
6. La Mujer Que Yo Quiero - David Broza
7. Rendez-VU- Basement Jaxx
8. Ya Alla - Anne Vizze
9. Esa Kolim - Giddi Gov & Buddies
10. Kon Ba Lev - Eyal Golan