..........ARE YOU A POTHEAD?..........
1) if you set your clock to 4:20 ... then you're a pothead!
2) if a say i forgot more than a couple of times a day ... than you're probably a pothead!
3) if you own a bong collection thats worth more than your car... then you too are a pothead!
4) if you have to smoke before after and between meals... then theres no dout you're a pothead!
5) if you find your self late for every thing because you needed to smoke one more joint... then you're definitly a pothead!
6) if some one says "hi" and your reply is hell yeah!... you're most likely a pothead!
7) if you have seen all the cheech and chong movies than you're a true pothead!
8) if you have ever named your pipe ... then you're an all out pothead!
9) if you spend your time in front of your computer looking at weed sites ... then you're a pothead
10) if you answered yes to any of the above...
then congratulations you're a PoTHeAD!!