ice cubes
3 2-liter soda bottle
2 ft. aquarium tubing
90- silk screen
coffe filters
fresh leaf trimings

half a grocery bag will yeild about 4.5 grams of primo hashish

fill the blender halfway with leaf trimings and water. add ice not too much but your shooting for a green frothy icy smoothie. blend for no longer then a minute 40 secs should do it

now use the funnel and the 90 silk screen to make a filter and filter your smoothie into a 2-litter soda bottle . squeeze as much liquid out of your filtered leaf in the silk screen. after the bottles are full take a break about 30 minutes and leave your bottles in the fridge so it stays cold. after 30 minutes youll notice some blond looking substance forming on the bottom . grab your aquarium tubing and syphon out the green liquid then repeat the smoothie screening...fill the bottles back up and leave for another 30 minutes and syphon again. you want to syphon so you have less volume to ultimately filter..leave an inch of liquid above the top of the resin collected on the bottom of the bottles

grab your funnel and put a coffee filter in it and now pour whats left at the bottom of the soda bottles in. once the liquid drains spoon the glands left into a glass dish to let dry spread the glands to dry faster . once drys push together like play dough ...ah yes 4.5 grams of primo hash well worth the time

email me
id like to know how it turns out