Educational Downloads

The following files were used by IL-NIAD for "Green Iguana Day" at Scovill Children's Zoo on National Iguana Awareness Day ( 09/09/00 ). We are making them available here in PDF format so anyone can print them out and use them for an green iguana educational event.

These files are great for display on posterboards and look best when printed on heavy printer photo paper at the best quality print option available on your printer.

I displayed the following three files about the results of neglect/abuse on a posterboard and the content comes from the NIAD website but has been reformatted to fit on 8.5 x 11 paper. They are available here in PDF format:

Green Iguana Horror Stories 1

Green Iguana Horror Stories 2

Green Iguana Horror Stories 3

The next files were also displayed together on posterboard as they deal with green iguana anatomy:


Head Characteristics

Care Sheet Handout:

One-Page Care Overview Sheet

Handouts for the kids:

Search-A-Word Front (note: this is an html page)

Search-A-Word Back (note: this is a pdf page)

Coloring Page (This front and back pdf file is located at the NIAD home page and was not created by IL-NIAD.. This link will take you there - the coloring page download link is at the bottom of the page.)


Did you know? (A few green ig facts and features to draw people into your display)

Two other printouts that look great directly from the NIAD homepage are the pages about what the petstore tells you to buy vs. what you should buy and the one showing poor diet and proper diet sources. I printed them out at high quality, landscape orientation on the page and we used high-quality photo paper and mounted them on poster board. Here are links to the NIAD pages we used.

Good Food VS. Bad Food

Pet Store VS. What you should buy