Tips on Writing A Press Release


So, you have gotten involved with NIAD and you would really like to publicize National Iguana Awareness Day, your rescue/rehab organization or some sort of other iguana event you have scheduled. Why not use the media to get your word out! That is why they are there and numerous individuals and organizations take advantage of this fact by issuing press releases!


The Head of The Press Release

The header of a press release looks similar to that of a memo and should contain the subject, the date the press release was written and contact information. If you know the contact person where you are sending it you can also include the name of who you are sending it to or you you can address it to something like "All Media." You should send out press releases roughly 4 weeks before an event - this time frame takes into account most community calandars (another place to submit information on events).


To: All Media
Subject: National Iguana Awarenes Day is September 9, 2000
Date: month, date, year
Contact: Your name, your phone number, your e-mail


Double space between the head an the body.


The Body of the Press Release

After you double space you should center and type the words:

for immediate release

You could also write "for release after month, date, year"

Double space and begin the text of your message. Body should be single spaced with busines style paragraphs - no indent, blank space between paragraphs. Feel free to use a quote from someone knowledgeable about iguanas or from yourself since you are a volunteer. At the end of your press release you need to type the following, (centered, on a line of its own, like this):


The "###" is a signal of "the end, no further pages."

With all of that in mind, here is a sample press release:



From: Lisa Hensley, IL-NIAD Coordinator
To: All News Media and Community Calendars
Date: August 22, 2000
Re: National Iguana Awareness Day activities
Contact: IL-NIAD/NIAD info - Lisa Hensley 555/555-5555
Scovill Zoo Info - Mike Borders 555/555-5555

September 9, 2000, Scovill Children's Zoo in conjunction with IL-NIAD (National Iguana Awareness Day project, Illinois chapter) will host “Green Iguana Day” from noon until 5:00 PM outside of the entrance of the zoo in Decatur, Illinois. This free event will feature fun and educational activities centered around proper care for the captive green iguana. September 9 marks the second annual National Iguana Awareness Day and NIAD (National Iguana Awareness Day) volunteers from across the nation and in other countries set aside this day to focus on educating the public about proper care for the captive green iguana.

"The green iguana is probably one of the most abused, neglected and dumped animals in the pet industry today due to their low price, immense availability, trendy status and because most new owners often get the wrong information - either from unknowledgeable pet store employees or from the numerous outdated iguana care publications which are still readily available for purchase," states Lisa Hensley, a coordinator for IL-NIAD. "While many of our volunteers work all year long, other volunteers with less time really help to amplify the message of good iguana care when we all work together on one focused day."

Across the U.S. and in other countries NIAD volunteers will be hosting educational events at schools, libraries, zoos and pet stores that have recognized the need for proper information to reach the public. Educational topics include proper lighting, housing, diet and socialization of green iguanas. Ownership of a green iguana is not necessary in order to attend National Iguana Awareness Day events and NIAD members highly encourage anyone who is considering acquiring a green iguana to attend. NIAD can be contacted on the world wide web at IL-NIAD can be contacted at or you can write for free care information - IL-NIAD, P.O. Box 712, Decatur, Illinois 62525.