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Chi Chi Valenti & Johnny Dynel
Chi Chi Valenti & Johnny Dynell have been major players in New York’s club culture for the past 20 years.  Chi Chi started out as a journalist for the Village Voice, Details and other major magazines.She also became well known as doorperson for the famous Mudd club. Johnny Dynell, who at the time was a well known DJ & recording artist/producer, met Chi Chi at Mudd and they soon became husband and wife. The 2 have since created a dynasty of unforgettable parties & clubs; most notably Jacky 60. Jacky 60 started in the early 90’s and was a major trendsetter of the downtown club scene. Themed parties with a ball like atmosphere combined parades of performance artists and onlookers. Later Johnny & Chi would become owners of the famed Jacky 60 space creating Mother which would continue the Jacky factory tradition.To this day the Jacky Factory family is a loyal and focused group still collaborating to create some fun and unforgettable parties such the Taboo party at the Roxy. They are also the inspiration for the film Gypsy 83 which is based on their party Night of 1000 Stevies .
Chi Chi Valenti& Johnny Dynell