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Hello :-)  Thanks for visiting my homepage. Here is some 'lill info about me. I included some pictures too. If you would like to contact me, you can do that by E-mail, Icq or Aim. So please enjoy my site! Hopefully you will sign my guestbook,(HINT) Much Love, Tess.
Name: Tessa (Jady). (
Country: The Netherlands.
Day of Birth: 13th of august 1979.
City of Birth: Diemen, (near Amsterdam).
Living right now in: Zwolle.
Hair colour: Middle Blond.
Eye colour: Blue.
Height & weight: 1.70 meters & 58kg.
Hobby's: Photography, Animations,  Music:  soul & old r&b, some Jazz, rock and funky instrumental stuff. Dancing (streetdance & latin/salsa), writing stories & song lyrics, drawing and I work out a lot.
College: Graphic College in Zwolle, studying for Multimedia Designer.
Job: On sundays I work at an art-related store called Art Unlimited & going on Internhip at a ICT company making websites: &
Pets: A dog: Boris & two cats Tiger & Jade.
Zodiac sign: Leo.
Piercings: I have now one piercing left  (If you don't count earrings *smile*) in my nose. I use to have one in my navel too. But everyone got one, so...
Movies: Shrek, Antz, A Bugs Life, Toy Story, Chicken Run, The Negotiator, The Sixth Sense, Anna and the King, Jasons Lyric, The Matrix, The Cell.
Books: The Bridges of Madison County, Being There, The Colour Purple. But there are many books that have inspired me. Mostely educational ones. I read an English book about EQ wich was very interesting. And I have some about hindu religion and India.
TV programme: Ssome (serieus) talkshows, comedys, cabaret, cartoons, ducumentaries, rockumentaries, Man bijt hond,  Most of the time when I watch tv (as I hardly do) I watch movies(animated).
Colour: Well depents on my mood or what it's for.  I Love this purple/pink teint.
Food: I don't like that much food. But I try to eat as healthy as possible.
Parfume: Ode a la' amour, Ming shu, Shafali Fleur Rare & Peaches.
Flower: Red Roze.... Love to get them.
Clothes: Chique outfit or jeans with a nice top. But mostely I love all kinds of casual clothing.
City: New York, New York!.. and Amsterdam ofcourse.
Season of the ye
ar: Spring and Summer. I love warm weather; it changes my mood for the better.
People: Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson... Just people that live for their hopes and dreams. That make a difference for many people.
Animal: Dolphin or Butterfly. They are symbols for intelligence & freedom.
s: Vibe, Blvd, One, Instyle, Ebony. I read many magazines, not always the same.
ICQ Nr: 39756727
Mobile phone: Ericsson T20
E-mail:  (I use MSN messenger from Microsoft)
"Treat people the way you want to be treated"