Jazz's Story

Big Bear Lake, California

I never met Jazz, but I've kept him close to my heart.

After a strenuous bike ride on the Alpine Pedal Path, my husband and I made a quick pit stop at the Big Bear Discovery Center.  

With raised voices, an excited, animated young couple was sharing their plight with one of the center's volunteers. 

"We lost our dog on the path," said the woman.  "He was off-leash and chased an animal -- maybe a deer or a coyote -- deep into the woods.  We've been searching for him for hours.  It's going to be dark soon, and we have to drive back to the city... "

I groaned inside.  

"He looks just like her," said the man, pointing to a leashed black lab sitting obediently at his side. "This is his sister."

"His name is Jazz," said the woman, as she began to cry.

All week, I couldn't get Jazz out of my mind.  I prayed for his safety.  I tried to imagine his situation.  How frightened he must be.  Lost, cold, hungry and alone.  In the woods.  Without his humans.  Without his sister. Without the comforts of a pampered urban pet.

I prayed for Jazz, the young couple and for Jazz's sister.  How terrible they must have felt as they drove down the mountain without him. A glorious weekend in the mountains had ended so sadly. 

Over the following two weeks, I saw this LOST DOG ad in the local paper:  Jazz, black lab, lost near the Discovery Center. 

I never found out if they ever found Jazz.  

I pray that Jazz has made it.  That maybe, just maybe, a good human who doesn't read the local paper adopted him, believing he was an abandoned dog.  A human who will keep him on a leash when they go walking in the woods.

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Big Bear Lake

September Morn 2002