Jack and I started putting this page together in August last year. Now it is May 2005 and about 10 weeks til we go on our next Haven journey, now I've finished my first year at Uni I can now do all the pages that are missing including the huge gap in our life where Haven 2004 page should be hehe. Ok when I started writing last year this is what I wrote - I know I haven't done the night where dreams come true and I haven't done my Canada page but a lot of the Haven holiday is a drunken blur so it's probably better that I do it since it's sorta fresh in my mind before I try going further back. I'm going to town tomorrow (Monday) to get my photos done so I'll have about 100 photos to choose from (2 films of mine, 2 of Rhiann's) plus Lynn's and Hannah's AND the professional ones we got done on some of the nights. So really this will be a page of all pictures and a few bitchings about Fester and Ugly (Esther and Rosie who we thought was called Becky for the whole week hehe) Well you know you always have trouble with bitchy girls...last year was Donita and this year were Fester and Rosie. Weirdly enough...the girls who were Donita's friends last year were here this year and they didn't even remember her name at first but then by the end of the holiday we were having good bitching sessions about them teehee. Sam and Amanda were really nice this year and they sympathised with us over the two cows. By the end of the holiday Rhiann and I realised that they were never gonna like us because they were slags and because we got on well with Joseph (Dave...he was there last year but this year he has no hair) and Stevie C and Chris and Chris and Bob as well. Well I tells ya....HONESTLY....if we'd known how possessive and jealous they got I'd have avoided all the staff completely....well ok we wouldn't have because it's kinda hard when you go to T-Co and do Archery and dance and go to the Bar and stuff (mwhahahahahaha) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, Jack and I secretly had a memorable quotes book but by the time I remembered to put the quotes down...I'd forgotten a lot of them so nevermind. In a few weeks time.. bits of memory will come back and I'lkl be able to write mine hehe.
Sadly, we didn't find another Michael...although if we're all honest there will never be another Michael. However, we did have a Maureen! He was really called Ashley but Jack and Steven called him Maureen a few times so we started to call him Maureen...pretty soon EVERYONE called him Maureen including Stevie C who announced it on stage one morning and Maureen's parents were all confused hehe. He came round to ours for breakfast one time and Lynn and Gill were like "So Maureen do you want some bacon?" and it just sounded really weird coming from them.
This year our caravan was nowhere near the last two....it was right next to the Go-Karts which isn't such a disadvantage as you'd think...Rhiann's future husband worked on those go-karts...heheh well one of the fathers of her many children. She chose Joseph, (Dave) Chris the photographer, (looks like Tony Hawk but ever so cute bless him) Ian Dale from the Black Jacks band, (she has to fight with Lynn, Gill and Hannah over him) and the dude from the Go-Karts...heheh a lot of children then. I'm gonna be the proud godmother of all of them hehe.

On Steven's Birthday which was Tuesday - what a night, Hannah and I slappered ourselves up and Rhiann had her classy Christmas night-out outfit on and we told the staff it was Steven's birthday so they got him up on stage with this dude called Malcolm (who we met another time....from the West Midlands..his cousin was very antisocial and they were upset when we took their Happy Birthday banner. I'm sure we'll live...we sorta avoided them for the rest of the week.
These photos were taken by the professional photographers Bob and Chris. Bob called me his girlfriend hehe what a guy and Chris was extremely schexy but Rhiann called him first hehe. The one on the right was taken on the Monday and the one above was taken on the Wednesday
This was Chris , the photo guy...WHAT a guy :) This was taken about 20 minutes before we went home. He is the sweetest
Hehe, Funky Bob at work...what a guy

Funky Bob's Ass
Awww Bye Bye Hug
Funky Bob and I one night....my cheeks looked so tanned but my head is just TOO shiny!
Chras teaching us how to dance to the Caribbean Wave - people on the left are grabbing their bananas dontcha know
Heheh Rhiann and I having breakfast at 10.30am...no wonder my liver cries itself to sleep every night
August 2003                     August 2004

Only difference? a bit of hairgel and hair obviously hehe. Joseph...what a guy, he's called Dave really
Rhiann drying her crotch, I can't remember why...but it has nothing to do with her weak bladder
Rhiann getting ready for a night out at Late Night Disco....Green and Pink were very in at the time I can tell thee
Jack, Steven and I having an orgy on Mine and Rhiann's bed...the fact that my hand is close to his crotch has NOTHING to do with the face he's pulling!
The lovely Scottish Chras..Rhiann could never understand a word he was saying...
The lovely Ian Dale, singer, entertainer...and future sperm donor for Lynn and Gill.

The Welsh drummer and Ian doing the Caterpillar Dance.....and a guy with nits watching them
The legendary Ketchup Dance..of course Hannah waited until she was in her PJs in the caravan before showing her true dancing skills (while Rhiann fell down the side of the bed in a drunk state
This page is sponsored by the lovely hotdogs that kept Jack's windows open and his dreams alive
We were staying right by the Go Karts, cost Lynn and Gill a fortune in Go Karting money but Rhiann met her future husband so we got a picture of him. So we didn't seem too stalkerish... there's Steven getting out of his Go Kart
Stevie C and I on results night...I look terrible but I hadn't really slept since the previous Thursday..far too many early morning showers to beat the rush and late night discos
Rhiann, Hannah and I one night with our Devil horns...how legend are they? Well Steven broke mine wanting to be BILLY GOATS GRUFF, Rhiann's have broken now. Fester and Rosie/Becky copied us as well. BITCHES
Jacob, Fester's brother doing the Ketchup Dance with us, he stopped tlaking to us after something Fester and her Bitch
Gill was burning so I felt it my duty to put suncream on her back hehe
Jack's Phone Pictures
These pieces of artwork were taken by Jack's phone...amaaaaaaaaazing
James Dean
Lovely Hotdog
Jack's Pet Wasp
Finally, I've come to the end of the Haven 2004 page...FINALLY!

All I can say is...

ROLL ON HAVEN 2005 - 6-13 August 2005