This page is about the love of my life, Cristy so read on ^_^

Well here you have it finally the bio page of my wife ^_^ Read on to learn more about the woman who has stolen my heart. I LOVE YOU CRISTY!! XDXDXD

Alright well here are the basics. Cristy is 20 years old. Her birthday was on March 13th. Yes yes she is 5 months older then me..lets all gloat about that. *hears gloating from all* Alright alright enough.XD But i have an advantage over her....i am 2 inches taller! So there cristy! XD nyanya ^_~ my short cute cristy ^_^ anyways on with the bio. XD

She lives in Albany Georgia thus having a really sexy southern accent. *shivers with delight just thinking of her voice* She graduated high school the same as me and she lives with her mother, and older sister-Teresa. Her older brother Robbie moved out about 4 months ago-January...and her oldest brother Jack lives in Atlanta with his wife and two kids. me...writes poetry and short little stories as well as recently...songs. Her inspiration comes from all sorts of things. Quiet a few of her poems and songs have been about our love...or telling me something in the words. For example..her poem "Take This Girl" She is asking me to take her with me when i die. Mostly though her inspiration is pain, dispair, feeling lost...and then overcomeing it all. I must say though...her work is wonderful to read. Very deep and full of expression. Sure it feels kind of depressing cause of the topics a lot of the times..but it shows a LOT of emotion. ^_^

Alright well for those who have read abot Michiru (Sailor Neptune) then you have a lot of what my wife is like ^_^ She is quiet and shy a lot of times...yet can be outgoing a lot of times too but only that i know of around me...since i don't know what she is really like when i am not around...besides missing me ;_; *huggles* a quiet shy girl who..needs love and caring and someone to depend on. I am the same way though a lot of the times..but when she needs me the most..i will always be there for her to lean on me. To me..she seems as if she needs the constant support to fall back in just in case she deeply needs it.

Well seeming as i am talking to my wife right now is what she has to say ^_^ "hi! konnichiwa! hola! i love apples! and courtses too! ....i hate homophobes and wish i could help them..poor ...can i have jelly beans?" heheh thats my girl ^_^ damn cute but damn sexy too ^^ Love ya hun!!

Here is a bit better bio on my wife:

Name: Cristy Bryant-Chubey
Nicknames from me: michi, michi-chan, princess, angel, my fallen star, my poet, chris, my goddess, tenshi, watashi no ai, watashi no tenshi, chris-chan, michiru, hun, baby, there is more but i can't think right now since its like 330 am *central time*. I will add more later.
Birthday: March 13th 1983
Fave Food: Chicken, cookies, chocolate and cake...the four C's...and one other that XD so technically 5 C's XDXD
Fave Color: Aqua, Blue and Yellow
Fave Entertainment: Anime...what else? lol
Astrological sign: Pieces
Time of day: Late late night.
Occupacation: Student,Theatre and English major, sophomore
Dream: To love someone and to be loved....Yes it came true. She has me and i love her deeply as she loves me.

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