Here are some drawings by me. Enjoy! ^_^

Here is a pic i drew of me with a hood an angel. it goes with the next pic of my love as an angel.

Here is the pic of my love as an angel that goes with the pic of me as an angel. (and this is a reproduced and slightly altered pic that i did from a pic i found. the link is on my index page. its by an awsome artist named Aoi Hayashi. i hope she don't find my page and sue...Please don't sue me!! ^_^*)

This a pic of me and my love like all others i do. Most my pics lately have been of me and chris. I will say though that this one and the next one are pics i reproduced and changed from a pic of Mamoru and Usagi. ^_^*

This pic is just the same as the previous one. ^-^

Here is a pic i did that is also a reproduction of another. the author is the same author as the pic of my drawing of Chris as an angel. I take credit for the altering and coloring....but not the main shapes. ^_^*

More to come of drawings once i get them scanned.