Well here you are....

You walk along the dock wondering how your trip into the sea will happen, until suddenly an angel dives up from the sea. Obviously not originally from the sea but has adapted to the waters. The angel has grayish white wings. The angel you see, is I. "You have come to see my wife's dwellings?" You nodd. I nodd back and offer my hand to you yet speaking a warning before going any further on, "Heed this warning now...if you shall dare try to harm my wife or her dwellings..then you shall suffer an ultimate fate. Do you respect the sea and the inhabitants?"

*pick the one you choose* Choose Wisely

You nodd and a light surrounds both you and I. A few moments later, you find yourself moving through the waters as if you are gliding. Up ahead you see what seems to be an other angel except this other one had a fin instead of legs and the wings were pure white instead of a grayish white. I part from you as you float towards the finned angel who turns to you. "Ah so you must be the guest that my wife allowed down here." You nodd and she continues. "You may glide through the waters as you wish and vist where you like. I must now tend to more sections of the sea. Take heed of my wife's warning and mind the sea. Farewell" And with that both the sea angel and I soar off into the darkness of the sea.


You shake your head not careing deeply about the sea. To you its just another body of water. So with that, I release your hand and move back away from the dock a bit further out over the sea. "Then I thank you for answering me truthfully and I ask you to return the way you came." And with that I dive backwards back into the sea leaving you to return from wence you came.